Sunday, July 24, 2011

A happy weekend at HOME ♥ 23,24 July 2011

camwhored on the highway cuz we were bored~ ;)

had dinner with the family at Huat Kee restaurant @ Semenyih today, again~ the food serves here is really good. 

went to the saloon with the cousin sistas yday. cindy and i went for a hair dye and li mun went for a haircut. :)
yeah finally i dyed my hair~ wheeeeeeee~ ;D i ♥ the colour.. don't really know what colour it is because the hairdresser mixed a few colours i guess~ :)

after that we went for a late lunch at After Five cafe. First time being there since it's opening after renovation.

ice lemon tea

dry noodles with fried egg
went home after lunch. then at night went out for dinner with parents @ Fabulous House.

chocolate milk shake with vanilla ice cream ♥

poon choy

Pig pig 猪 in my car ♥ ^.^

Monday, July 18, 2011


It's Karis's birthday today!! Happy Birthday again Karis!! ;)
after all our classes at 12.30 p.m., we decided to get her a present. so we took cab to leisure mall. on the way to taking cab, we walked along the shoplots outside our uni and they were some people doing a survey about the Bausch + Lomb, so they asked to do the survey and capture pics of us and also videos ~.~ LOL~

join this contest if you're interested! ;) click click! ;) 

present from the four of us to karis ;)
my card is the snow white teddy bear one~ ^^

then we had a mini celebration for her at secret recipe~ ^.^

ta-daa! the birthday girl, Karis~ ^^

feeding the bithday girl ;)
singing the Happy Birthday song to her~
happy girl with her prezzie~ ;)
opening ceremony~ haha~~ ^.^
me and the main girl today! ;p

ohh and finally me and janice are done with the D.I.S.C. profile today! I got S~ I think it's very like me.. I have a mixture of S, I and C actually but is more to S and less to C.
that's all for today! tata~~ ^^

Sunday, July 17, 2011

University Chemistry 1 Assigment

please feel free to visit my group's blog assignment for uni chem 1 and please leave some comments :) thanksssssssss ♥♥

Cheers ♥

the sun was shining brightly this evening ~.~
was on the way for dinner with the family. ♥

dined in at Cheers Palace Restaurant. an awesome restaurant in Cheras. the food was pretty delicious. and the service is not bad. :)

only have a pic of these two dishes because we were all too busy eating after that. we ordered alot more ;p tee-hee~

hi! ;D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Day :)

Mr. Vee's farewell.
had a small surprise early celebration for sunny's birthday on this coming monday yesterday after calculus lecture :)

wishes from me to her :)
homemade cupcakes by her besties-yvonne and sook yee. :)

opps, she had a hard time to blow off those candles~ :) hee~

here comes the help of her best buddies~ :)

us with the birthday girl, sunny~ ;)

after that went off to shopping with my family at the gardens~ tried on many pairs of heels but most of it either too tight or too loose for me :( always like that when i wanna buy a new pair of heels~ :S ishh~
only bought a paul frank tee and a teddy bear cushion~ ;p
before leaving for home had ice-cream~
tiramisu~ yummmmm~ ;p
had dinner with the family at GuangDong Restaurant later at night.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


supposed to have a pop quiz and the last practical class for bio today. but miss tan is on mc so everything is cancelled ;) since cuzzie cindy came here so we went out for shopping, wheeeeeeeeeeee~~ ;p
reached the gardens at 10..
had our breakfast at kim gary. :)
fish fillet style breakie ;)

chicken chop style breakie ;)

after breakfast, then SHOPPING!! ;)

@ ZARA :)
saw alot of clothes over there but all not my sizes :s ishhhhh~
at last managed to get a top from cotton on :) hehehehehe~~
after shopping it was already 1-ish so we had our lunch at sushi zanmai~

inari kanimayo maki ;) love this much~~

chicken karaage rice~~ ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting together.

Just had dinner with the family at Semenyih. :) ♥
Now I'm back to the hostel. Not gonna post a word-blog tonight. Just some pictures blogging. :)
cuzzie Mun Mun ♥

cuzzie Cindy and me ♥

me ♥

loving these two sunset pics ♥♥♥

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just got back from a simple dinner with family. Had an awesome time together with them. 
 ♥ them much! :*)
Spending time together with family during the weekend after a hectic week at uni is definitely the best time ever~ 
Mua parents ♥ 

kan family ♥ 

chai family ♥ 

less words more pictures in this post. pictures always explain everything right? ;)

i'm so sleepy right now, only had like 5 hours of sleep in these two days. i shall go get some rest. tomorrow another family dinner at semenyih before me going back to uni ;)