Monday, September 26, 2011

A good day or a bad day?

Struggled to wake up this morning. >< Monday blue!
Was so blur in class during the Q&A session we had. Partially falling asleep with opened eyes. LOL! :D
The bad day about today is that an accident happened during biochem lab session. the chloroform-isoamyl alcohol which mixed with other solutions as well slipped, dropped on the bench and splashed on zining's neck and it slided down all the way to her waistline. she said it was burning her skin and her skin was like all red at that time. quickly washed off with water and accompanied her to toilet. her clothes were wet so i came back to hostel to get a tee for her. on the way, when i was rushing, someone shouted my name, it was ivy. just smiled at her, couldn't give any other reactions than that cuz was kinda nervous. then HE appeared. he said HI. so i just looked up in shock and all i could do was just smile and said HI back and then walked off. [why do i have to meet him TODAY out of all days? aizz~]
accompanied zining to the laurent blue clinic at north wing after that. doctor said she is fine. just had a first degree burning and should be okay after applying and consuming some medicines. pray that she will get well soon. <3

[16092011] cousin bro's wedding.

finally blogged. :) it took me so long to blog. short sem gave everyone of us a lot of headaches.
non-stop lab reports, assignments, quizzes, midterms, etc. finals is in less than a month's time =.=

so, anyway.. let's have a look at some pictures taken on that day :) only uploaded a few here :)

aint gonna write much words on this post. will try to blog soon :) tata! :D ^^

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Birthday eve @ Regent's.

Choc Mud <3 thanks to aunty for buying me this cake :D

Snap! Snap! :D


Friends celebrated my birthday last friday too @ Secret Recipe! Thanks for treating me a meal and cake! <3 ^^

Grilled Mexican Chicken with rice

Syira feeding me with the piece of tiramisu cake~ aww~ :D

Group picha!! :D
Syira, Zining, me, Sunny, Yvonne, Derek, Elaine, Sook Yee, Janice & Iylia <3

I would like to say a million thanks to all my family and friends for the wishes and presents <3 ^^

from the roommie and bestie, Elaine <3

from zining <3

prezzie from family :D <3

from the bestie Mandy <3 ^^

and this! thanks jacqueline! :D ^^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


so last two saturdays, we decided to have hi-tea buffet at Klana Resort and also a farewell for our buddy, Mone who has already left for UK now. :(

So, here are some pics of food first :)

Took some breads and salad as starters first.

Then, a glass of fruit punch. It tasted more like mango juice to me ;)

Then took some fried mee hoon, samosa, fried pau and *i-forgot-what-else*

Sweet corn soup. Tasted not bad.

No strawberry ice-cream :( So chocolate ice-cream with some don't know what toppings.


And then group pixies time :D Thanks to Mandy's lil sis Crystal for snapping all these pics for us <3

Checking out the photos :D

Then went outdoor to snap a few pics before heading home :)

Mirror, us and reflection! ^^ Elaine, Mandy, Simone, Me and Crystal :D


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie and Pavilion! Tokyo Street 東京/ ト一キョ一 ストリ一ト

On the third day of Raya, we headed to Levain Boulangerie Patisserie for breakie. Love the environment and food there :)

After breakie headed to Pavilion!!
@ Forever 21

Lunchie @ Ying Ker Lou

Roasted duck & roasted pork from Ducking Restaurant

Animal Jelly pandan flavour

Favorite cookies~ ^^

Dinner @ Balakong