Saturday, May 30, 2009

i miss my summer vacation with my cousins last year.

i miss spending time together with all my cousins.
i miss our times' gossiping, playing, joking, eating and shopping together.

it was funnnnnnn.



to my best buddy,

Friday, May 29, 2009

- j-card fiesta -

jusco was soooooo packed..

so i went there with my mom around 2 after i came home from school and bathed. met up with li mun and aunt.

walked around. bought my camera casing.

then we had a harddddd time to push the trolley to the opposite shoplots.

a trolley filled with 4 bottles of oils, 2 bottles of washing detergents and many other stuffs. it was FULL! @.@

at the boutique, me and li mun tried on some clothes and the both of us bought the same dress.

we planned to wear the dress when we go out next week. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

changed my blogskin and blogsong again.
2 last papers for tomorrow. mathematics 1 and sivics! finally!! holidays is hereeeeeeeeeee. :)


*gotta go to add maths tuition soon.

mandyyyyy, YOU'RE SITTING ALONE! *evil laughs* :P

*just got your messageeeee, don't worry so much, will come to fetch youuuu.. hahahahaha XD

so excited for elaine wang ee may!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

today's sundayyyyy..another five more days of exammmmm..

HOLIDAYSSSSSSS!! whoooooohooooooo! =)

*gotta go study nowwwww.....*

Friday, May 22, 2009

1 week out of 2 weeks of mid-term exam is OVER.
9 out of 19 papers is OVER.
holiday is in another one week's time. =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The ground shakes, the sky suddenly turns black

My heart breaks open too, and a second later

My tears pile up into rivers

But tomorrow will be okay, we will stay strong

Love, let us keep livingand struggling against disasters

When love and hope project sunlight,

And yesterday's tears will evaporate

Don't give up without a fight - we can make more wishes tomorrow

the courage that fills us will be our strength

When love and hope pour warm moonlight,

And look back once more at a home that's enduring

I know that ahead there are more roads for me to cross

I open my window, and am greeted by clear skies

i was not online for four days.

i've been busy lately. that is why i didnt have the time to come online.

sunday : woke up around 10 something because slept around 12.30.

attended relative's wedding dinner at night at min kok restaurant.

monday : school! the lonjakan bestari week starts.. had two tuitions in the evening and at night.

tuesday : nothin much happened. went to chemisty tuition at night as usual.

wednesday : pn lui is back after about 3 weeks away from school. but now we have to go to the

bilik bestari during our maths and add maths periods.

many people did not stayback today. me and friends were shocked when we saw

the parents waiting at the office. but i stayed back :) played "TRUTH OR DARE"

with my friends. joined the "poco-poco" but it started raining after that.

so, me and my friends played the "TANGLED UP" game. IT WAS FUN! i'm always

the one who got untangled first. when we were tired, we saw a frog in the drain.

and we were actually too silly that we "played" with that creature. =.=

while waiting for my dad, me, simone, mandy and jeanne were chatting.
thursday : did some peribahasa papers during our bm lesson for the lonjakan bestari
programme and my group-me, mandy, jaeynisha and simone (went home early for
ballet exam) got the highest marks- 16 1/2. and we got 4 blue pens from the teacher.
kinda shocked when teacher called my name. hahahahaha.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

too freeeeeee :)

sivics project 2009 is overr!!!!!!


but, the report is still not done yet, aikssss, i'll get it done by this week.. MUSTTTTT! cause mid-term is just around the corner..

here are some pictures taken during the sketch.

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

when there are no teachers in the class and in the lab, this is what happened :) *smileeee*


today, we had 6 free periods too. single period for both pj and english and double periods for both bm and maths. we have double periods for history but we did our own revision. and during double periods for physics, we were adding stuffs to our peka and filling in the evidence and other stuffs.i slept for 40 minutes during the 2nd last period which is maths. in fact, mostly everyone in the class was sleeping and talking. anddddd the best thing is i'm gonna finish my add maths project. *jumps in joy* ;)

hrmmmmm, i gotta go now.. wanna complete my add maths project..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

dinner with family at regent yday.

met kumuta and mei ling there.

the day before yday oso had dinner there and bumped into jaclyn, my long-time-no-see friend.. LoL..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

woke up early, AGAIN! at 6.. :S because grandmom has to go to kl for her medical yeahhhhh.. went to klcc after that for like one and a half hour then had lunch at some restaurant and headed back homeeeee.

Friday, May 1, 2009


woke up early today. at around 8.20 like that. ate breakfast at oakland. then headed to jusco. meet many people there-my cousin,li mun, mandy, how yee, simone, some relatives and friends and some tuition friends too....... that's all. gtg get ready. going out for dinner later.
你问我为什么 不再给你安慰
你问我为什么 把你的信退回
你问我为了什么 开始喝酒而且每次都喝醉
因为我明明听见有人叫你宝贝你让他叫你 宝贝
你问我为什么 不再给你安慰
你问我为什么 把你的信退回
你问我为了什么 开始喝酒而且每次都喝醉
因为我明明听见有人叫你宝贝你让他叫你 宝贝
因为我明明听见有人叫你宝贝你让他叫你 宝贝