Thursday, September 30, 2010

another mid-autumn celebration night organised by CCS on the 28th Sept.

meiqian, me, zining, yuki, elaine, angeline.

free lanterns~

elaine, zining, me, chiao hsia, meiqian, jiaen, xueling, (oppps i dunno her name!)

*updated* Mid-Autumn Festival

pizzahut delivery for dinner on that night.

zining, yuki, elaine

me, zining, yuki

view from hilltop.

full moon.

me and meiqian.



meiqian, zining, marian.

sky lanterns~


sherlyn, meiqian, elaine, me.

the girls, some of them left earlier so not everyone is in the pic.

the boys.

allan GAGA! LOL ;D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival ♥

Next post coming up : Mid-Autumn Celebration with the hostel buddies and classmates :)

Monday, September 20, 2010


Turn off the radio
Turn off the lights you know
聽見了誰的痛 在空氣中
不斷跳動 又那麽沈重

Turn on your favorite song
Turn off what I did wrong
聽見了誰的傷 在窗戶旁
安靜的想 是什麽力量

你 有沒有愛過我 有沒有想過我
有沒有 有沒有 也會有一點心動
的時候 但是說不出口
有沒有 後悔 還是只有我

Turn on the radio
Don’t wanna care anymore
也許沒有承諾 比較輕松
也不會有 沈重的枷鎖

Turn off your favorite song
Just like there’s nothing wrong
也許時間一久 就會遺忘
就真的當 是誤會一場

你 有沒有愛過我 有沒有想過我
有沒有 有沒有 也會有一點心動
的時候 但是說不出口
有沒有 有沒有 有沒有
有沒有 有沒有 有沒有 有沒有
Turn off my radio

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liese Hair Bubble Colour ♥

I dyed my hair again! ;)
Tried on the Liese hair bubble colour, i didnt know which to choose at first-Marshmallow brown, cassis berry or mocha orange?
So today at Watsons, i've finally decided to buy Cassis Berry ♥♥♥

The outcome ♥♥♥