Tuesday, February 24, 2009


exam is starting next monday, 2nd march till the 6th march.

so much to do. so little time.

not only have to study exam, but also have to do english oral, bm lisan, moral project and sivics project.

hrmmmm -.-lll gtg now.. study modeeeeeee.. :'(

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sports Day

yday was my school's sports day. it was held at the stadium tunku abdul rahman from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. this year i did not took part in march past but me and a few of my friends were in-charge of helping the teachers at the grand stand with the prize giving ceremony.
and , i got sunburned. my cheeks and nose are now red and it's so itchy.
anyway, congrats to the TUN FATIMAH, the overall winner! :) CONGRATS to the TUN FATIMAH captain, HO WEE-RU !! :)
and the winner for cheerleading group, LARISSA !! DANG ANUM RAWKZ !! :) YOU'RE THE BEST, LARRY! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

happy chap goh mei! :)

6th February : a schooling friday as usual. went out to jusco at late noon with cindy and aunty
lily. at night, went out to kensington for aunty lily's birthday dinner.

7th February : went for pink panther 2 with cindy, aunty lily and uncle weng siew. it was

8th February : went for red cliff 2 with cindy and alex. cindy drove there. haha.....
the movie isnt boring as what i thought. it turned out to be quite interesting.
after movie went straight to regent for dinner.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

annoyed :S

there's just this someONE who just like to annoy me so much!


you're NO ONE to talk bad things about me. simple saying, you do not have the right to rate me.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

happy chinese new year everyone!


let's start of with my activites during the "niu" year :)

25th : reunion dinner at regent restaurant. or maybe i should say candlelight reunion dinner :)
gambleeeee at grandma's houseeeeee ;) homeeeeeeeeee.

26th : breakfast at grandma's house. then, to yi po's house. had lunch there. gambleeeeeee ;)
went back to grandma's house. watched tv. bathed. went to the aunty's house as usual.
back to grandma's house, again and gambleeeeee AGAIN! ;) back homeeeeee.

27th : brunch at grandma's house. watched tv. greenbox. grandma's house-gambleeeee ;) yi po's
house-dinner-gambleeeeeee ;) homeeeeeeeeeee.

28th : dim sum brunch at royal adelphi. grandma's houseeeee. gambleeeee ;) homeeeeeeeee. dinner at oriental restaurant. grandma's house-gambleeeeee ;) homeeeeeeeeeee

29th : malacca. breakfast at grandma's house. lunch at wong kok char chan teng at dataran pahlawan. walked around the mall. headed to jonker street. back to hotel. checked-in. gambleeeee ;) headed to the mall again. puri-puri. ;) hotel. dinner at newton culture food village.hotel.

30th : walked to porta de santiago. me, jy & cindy-breakfast at mcd. mom, dad, aunty lily and uncle weng siew at some malay restaurant nearby. back to hotel. swimming pool. back to room. me, jy & cindy headed to the mall again for about 30 minutes to get some stuffs. checked out. had lunch at some chinese restaurant on the way. headed back to seremban. grandma's houseee. back homeeeee. bathed. grandma's house again for dinner. jusco with cindy, jy, alex & alan. no more tickets for movie. headed to mph. flipped through magazines. starbucks-thanks alan! ;) chatted till almost 11 at night. uncle fetched them home, then us to grandma's houseeeeee. gambleeeeeeeeeee ;)

31st : woke up kinda late. the latest for the week :) angeline and catherine came over to grandma's house at noon. gambleeeeeeeeee for about almost 5 hours =.= dinner at win jun restaurant. grandma's houseeeee. continue gambling. ;) back homeeeeeeeeeee.

1st : jiayin flew back to jb early in the morning. breakfast at park may restaurant. grandma's house. lunch. angeline and catherine were there. started gambling AGAIN! for hoursssss ;) dinner. back homeeeeee. packed bag. got ready for school the next day :( back to grandma's house-gambleeeeeeee till 11 sumthin. slept at almost 1 :)