Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i went to UCSI to register yesterday. i'm taking foundation in science and then food science & nutrition. only took a while there because i've already decided what to study, so yeah.
after that it was only about 10 a.m., so we went to midvalley&thegardens. took only like about 15 minutes to reach there? i think so. HAHA~
walked for a while at robinsons then we had brunch at crystal jade restaurant. we were hungry because only had some hot milos and chicken nuggets at UCSI earlier.after brunch, me and cuzzie mun walked around while mummy, daddy and aunty were shopping at robinsons.

me and cuzzie mun.

at borders FOR FUN. HAHA~ XD

sat down after walking around and started camwhoring. ;P

oopps, i've forgotten the name of this boutique. it's something. arrr, whatever! BUT, i really like the lightings and decorations there. MIRROR, MIRROR everywhere. HUGE ones somemore.

baskin robbins at thegardens with cuzzie mun, while mummy, daddy and aunty went over to midvalley for little penang cafe.


enjoying my scoop of chocolate ice-creaaaaaammmmm~~ i want MOREEEE~~

that's all for this post~~
ciaoooooooo~ ;P

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