Wednesday, September 14, 2011


so last two saturdays, we decided to have hi-tea buffet at Klana Resort and also a farewell for our buddy, Mone who has already left for UK now. :(

So, here are some pics of food first :)

Took some breads and salad as starters first.

Then, a glass of fruit punch. It tasted more like mango juice to me ;)

Then took some fried mee hoon, samosa, fried pau and *i-forgot-what-else*

Sweet corn soup. Tasted not bad.

No strawberry ice-cream :( So chocolate ice-cream with some don't know what toppings.


And then group pixies time :D Thanks to Mandy's lil sis Crystal for snapping all these pics for us <3

Checking out the photos :D

Then went outdoor to snap a few pics before heading home :)

Mirror, us and reflection! ^^ Elaine, Mandy, Simone, Me and Crystal :D


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