Thursday, June 30, 2011

yay or nay?

TNB tipu orang laaaaaaaaaaaaa ><
thought uni will have no power supply today, but aizzzzzzz ==
classes went on as usual, and luckily today only have 1 hour and 30 minutes of bio lecture only, hehehe ;)
then had lunch, and then at 1 p.m. was at sassa booth block A with zining. was there for 3 hours @.@ we were stalking people, haha! we were supposed to study, but didnt really get to concentrate thou ;p it's a normal thing, right? ;D tee-hee
after that we carried all the tee stocks into derek's car and we headed to mcd for ice-cream! ♥ hehe, finally!! was craving for it since yesterday night! then derek sent us back to hostel and we carried all the stocks back to zining's room.

tomorrow is friday already, YAY! that i can go home tomorrow after a long week here! NAY! that we have quiz 2 for calculus tomorrow! ==
and the best thing is no one knows the duration of the quiz, the format for it, etc.

sales everywhere now, ohmaigoshh!! mng,topshop,zara,fcuk,promod........:O shopping!!

Working hard for a flat tummy ladies? This would definitely help! #BizzyBody #MilkADeal

Working hard for a flat tummy ladies? This would definitely help! #BizzyBody #MilkADeal

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food, AGAIN! @@

had breakfast at mcd with zining this morning before attending biology lecture. i had egg mcmuffin with coffee.
was sooooooo sleepy in class even after drinking a cup of coffee. coffee doesnt seem to keep me awake. i dont know why. haha! :D
after bio class, it was calculus lecture! YES! HIM AGAIN! >< his teaching speed went faster and faster. i tried my best to catch up, and my notes are damn messy because of that. cancellation here and there == and he went incredibly FAST! i gave up, almost everyone stopped copying and were snapping pictures and recording videos for whatever he was scribbling on the transperencies. DARN!!

lab session at 2. dissection of rats and frogs again. my group dissected frog. 

after lab, we headed to leisure mall for sakae sushi as dinner.
some pics before and after eating. ;) *snap snap snap* tee-hee ;)

food pichas time! ;p

came back to hostel around 6.40 p.m.
had a great time spent with friends. ♥ y'all ;*) muackssssss~ ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eat, eat and eat.

Rainy Monday morning. Monday blue! >< felt so sleepy in class this morning.. fell asleep a few times in uni chem and uni life class. == and calculus tutorial was the worst!! we waited for him for half an hour and he came in for about 5 minutes and he left the class, like wth! == screw him.

we went to secret recipe after that. i ordered a slice of cappucino cheese cake only because i have eaten lunch at hostel cafeteria earlier.

pixies time! ;)

then lab session!! lab only went on for an hour only! haha!! awesome!
my sleepy face during the lab! ><

group pichaaaaa! ;)

i love this shot! ;)
after lab we went for snackie time at fun ok cafe :)

milo dino again! ;)
and we ate some snacks too. sotong rings, onion rings and hotdogs~

captured by zining :)