Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Kingdom Of Love

Can anyone tell me
How deep is the sea of time
You and my heart
We've really been in love before
Are you still listening
I'm calling out for you
Why do I feel like I'll never be near you
I seem to believe less and less
My life without you
It's like there's no beautiful bridal gowns in the world
Why in my eyes
There's a premonition that it's going to rain
Although I'm among a crowd of people
I'm still feeling very lonely
Why in your eyes
I can't see any fondness
Could it be that love has dissolved in time?
Can anyone tell me
How far away is the kingdom of love
You and my dream
Will it come true?
Why our reason to be in love
Followed you as you turned and left
Maybe the kingdom of love is too far away to reach

Saturday, June 20, 2009

went for rc enrolment 09.

uncle fetched me to school. many people were earlier than me. most of my friends were already there. mei ling came after a while.

the enrolment started about 9 a.m. it was quite hot in the hall. we were all sweating. it rained after a while. quite cooling then.

mei ling fetched me home around 11 something. we had our lunch at sushi king.


jiayincuzzie and tzeyincuzzie came back to grandma's house around 3 p.m. went over and chatted with them for a while. they left around 4 something.
they will be coming back next week for our SUMMER VACATION 2009! =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

did not online for FOUR DAYS.

we were really tortured in the torture chamber, as i mentioned in my last post.

on wednesday, after recess we were being told that we were supposed to re-do our chemistry peka(s) because our chemisty teacher lost them. SHOCKED HUH?!

and we were supposed to hand it in on that day itself. today, friday we were asked to do another peka again and she asked to hand in by the end of the day. most of us were not bothered and we did not have enough time to complete it also as there was a lot to copy.

i'm currently stopping my tennis lessons as the exam is just around the corner.
**jiayincuzzie and tzeyincuzzie are coming back tomorrow. they're probably on the plane now.
come back to seremban kayy? i want my chocolates;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

THE END. of 16 days of holidays.

tomorrow back to the school life-the torture chamber. i'm so not ready for school yet.

9 more weeks to the trials. argh! :S

this means i cant online that often. maybe once or twice a week only. i dont have the time to online also when the school life starts. but it's okay because i'm only left with 6 more months of school life. :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

SHOPPING, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

woke up at 5.15 a.m. left for kl at 6 a.m. mom had doc appointment.
headed to thegardens at 9 a.m. had breakfast at some restaurant. *i've forgotten the name of the restaurant*
had lunch at the food garden with cindy. katsu chicken bento. teriyaki chicken bento.
then walked around midvalley and thegardens till about 2.30 p.m. before heading back to seremban.

the hazy kl at 6:51 a.m.

my new red nike shoes

the cutie mini fresh strawberry fan! from actioncity.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

went out today for jasmine's surprise birthday celebration. it was super funnnnnn. we all enjoyed ourselves. chia ern's bro came to fetch me at about 11.30. we reached there and met up with how yee at the arcade. we walked around, ordered the cake and bought presents for jasmine.
then, me and chia ern had our brunch at mcd. pei vian came to join us. then we walked around before mandy and elaine reached. we hanged around, went to the arcade.. me, how yee and mandy raced twice. then went to the green box i-capsule for half an hour. jeeva and ivy joined us. had fun there. we were talking, shouting and screaming more than singing inside there. then got the cake at secret recipe and joined jasmine and ju enn at sushi king. she was shocked. we were singing really loud till everyone in there was staring at us. went up to d&d with mandy. then joined the rest at mcd again. then, we were just hanging around till 4.30 and me, mandy and elaine went home because her dad was already waiting for us.


the birthday girl, JASMINE LEE xD

Saturday, June 6, 2009


地震的夜晚 趕來 作伴
重感冒的凌晨煮著 稀飯
我感謝我們不完美 卻坦白自然
我們從牽手放手又牽手 走過來
願意為更懂你的心 spending all my life
每當情緒像海 你只抱我 從不催我講出來
我就明白 你是我的依賴
地震的夜晚 趕來 作伴
重感冒的凌晨煮著 稀飯
我感謝我們不完美 卻坦白自然
我們從期待失落又期待 走過來
願意為一起看未來 spending all my life
每當變成習慣 生活太淡 總有感動的意外
我就明白 你是我的依賴
就算說幸福都由老天 在管
只借不送 我還是不肯還 用真愛耍賴
我們從日出日落又日出 走過來
願意為愛你去忙碌 spending all my life
每當命運變幻 需要狂歡 需要流淚你都在
我就明白 你是我的依賴我們明白 愛是互相依賴

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


lily & li mun
mandy & cyndy

went to green box with li mun from 10 till 12.

met up with mandy and cyndy. walked around with them.

went home at around 1.
it was a fun day-out.
mandy, next time we should go out again with the cousins =)